Monday, 3 August 2009

Borough Market Part 3

It took me over 18 months of living in London before I went to Borough and it was love at first sight. As this was JJ and my long weekend in the city we decided to have a Borough market splurge - spending the morning picking out cured meats and cheeses, breads, wine and produce was heaven! And this was the lunch we had once we got home! So good. A bit of the raw milk Stilton close up...
In fact, just about to have a little more of the Stilton for lunch today! Sooooo creamy.
A brownie from the ultimate brownie pile...

Mmmmmm, brownie goodness... And just how cute is that strawberry!

So that's it on the Borough Market front! Although the post I have planned for tomorrow features some of the food bought at Borough, but it's part of the Summer Fest, a summer food blogging event that I'm so excited to be getting involved in! After that, I've got some great pics of our North London wanderings yesterday.

So yes, it would appear that new camera + super fun weekend in London with reasonable weather = muchos posting!

Rosy xx

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