Saturday, 1 August 2009

Borough Market Part 1

Oh how I adore Borough... Have to physically restrain myself from diving into piles of produce. Here's some of the veg stands...
I've never tried these but my, do they look good! (NB I re-read this post after publishing and realised it read as though I'd never eaten sweetcorn before. I was referring to the funny shaped tomatoes! For the record, I have eaten sweetcorn before. I promise!)

These are blue footed mushrooms and would make such a lush risotto - but we didn't get any this time. Not on the weekend menu so didn't go too crazy on the impulse purchases!

Carrots! Such a good photos - thank you JJ!
We did get some of this delish looking rhubarb - it's to go with the pork belly we also picked out. Have a roast pork belly with plum, rhubarb and ginger relish recipe I've been wanting to try for ages and so we're giving it a whirl tomorrow. Now that I've figured out how to upload pics from the camera (they were saved in raw format, silly me!) I'm hoping to be able to blog about that tomorrow. Provided the final dish looks vaguely reasonable of course!
Anyway, have lots more photos but have to dash as we're off to Hix Chop House for dinner. Yaaayyyyy! Wow, I'm going to need to run for a week after this weekend to stand a chance of shedding the extra pounds gained from such gluttony. But I shall worry about that on Tuesday!
Rosy xx

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