Monday, 20 July 2009


I have a fabulous post just waiting to go, but JJ's gone and run off with the photos! He's on a camping trip this week so my parents are coming to stay. But I have found one photo to tease you with. For the step by step instructions, you might have to wait a week I'm afraid. I also took some pics last night of this broccoli salad that is SO yummy so hopefully I'll get around to doing a post about that too.

This is what happens when JJ goes away - I eat nothing but a whole head of broccoli, a courgette and a half pack of pringles for dinner. Normally, the broccoli and courgette are omitted. And cookies are added. That's another thing I took photos of! Cookies. But those will have to wait - for reasons that shall become clear in their post. Or should I call it a homage... For they are INCREDIBLE! Mmmmm, cookies...

Ahem, anyway, so this is a teaser post. But very exciting - I'm catering for my friend's baby's christening on Sunday so the rest of the week's looking pretty hectic. There will be lots to post about after that! I'll gloss over the fact I still haven't finished posting about Rachel's tea... Luckily, I still had time to pop for lunch with my BFF though, before she runs away to Singapore! So not fair. Going to miss her sooooooo much! She's very good at dealing with my neuroses. Sob!

Anyway, I shall try to up my posting game soon... Rosy x

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  1. Ooooo what are the cakes, they look lush!!?! And never fear, email works in Singapore too ;o) And you know me, I'm sure you can predict my reaction and pearls of wisedom.Mwahx