Tuesday, 7 July 2009

All the best laid plans...

Ok. I’ve put this off long enough. I am going to publish this post!! You wouldn’t believe how long it’s taken to write this… I decided about an age of mankind ago that I would start a blog. Then it took me approximately two more centuries to decide on a name (seriously, it’s hard isn’t it??!) and then what to write. So I’m going to apologise ahead of time if this blog strays from the food/gardening remit – there might be some crafts stuff, there might be some mini rants, who can tell??! Part of the mystery. Or maybe just a reflection on the muddled nonsense that goes on in my head… I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Anyway, as I’m new at this, I thought I’d start with something easy. And then my dear friend asked me to cater her leaving party (she’s leaving to become a country bumpkin! My heart is officially broken) and the ‘easy’ part went out the window. Now, I am by no means a professional caterer. In fact, my kitchen is about 2 metres square.
But I do love love LOVE cooking. Especially when it involves cake! Who doesn’t love cake??!

Crazy people, that’s who.

So when my dear friend Rachel (the one who’s running away to somewhere at least an hour from London – see? Told you she was becoming a country bumpkin) offered to pay me for my cakes I simply jumped at the chance! And subsequently got so overexcited I spent the next week impulse purchasing half of John Lewis’ bakeware range. So with an (almost) fully kitted out kitchen, the challenge begins!

It’s Tuesday today. The party is on Thursday. I’ve decided to make:

Savory: Foccacia; Marinated sweet peppers; tomato and mozzarella salad; fig, goats cheese and prosciutto salad.

Sweet: Individual strawberry cakes; chocolate mousse cakes; mini summer fruit pavlovas, little biscuity things with chocolate on (haven’t thought of a name for these yet!).

This is all planned in minute detail and each dish allocated a time slot to make sure everything’s ready in time. So tonight was the turn of the chocolate mousse cakes. Well, it was all going to plan before the base I’d chosen disintegrated on me! But I persisted, changed recipe and the base is done. Yay! It’s just cooling now. I shall write more on the recipe I (eventually!) used and have pics of the finished product soon.

Rosy xx

One quick note, I’ve only just acquired a super fancy camera, so if the photos are a bit on the pants side, I’m sorry! (all this apologising – you can tell I’m British through and through…)

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