Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cook Books

I love cook books. My absolute favorite activity in the WORLD has to be sitting curled up on our sofa with our super huge living room window wide open (on a nice day, obviously), enormous mug of tea in hand and a stack of cook books at my feet. Just so relaxing - it's the endless inspiration they provide. I think that's why I love food blogs so much. Food porn, really!

This is definitely not my full collection. These are just the current favorites that have escaped from the bookshelf and taken up residence on my living room floor. I'm terrible at buying really pretty books - the one on top, Apples for Jam, is a prime example of that! I did judge it by its cover, yes. But it's so good! With the courgettes from our garden we make this yummy courgette, feta and mint pasta that's a doddle. So fresh and clean tasting - a far cry from the heavy creamy pasta that I normally make (and love!). I'll take some pics next time we make it for you.
But my absolute favorite has to be the Ottolenghi cook book. It's what dreams are made of. I could wax lyrical about it all afternoon, but I won't. I shall just leave you with pics of two of my fave Ottolenghi recipes. I make these roughly 100 times a week so shall be providing recipes soon, I promise! If you can't wait, the Ottolenghi blog has some recipes on and is a lovely read.

Rosy xx
ps I'm despairing at the moment - how do I alter how big the images appear on my blog?? The formatting seems totally random!


  1. When you upload the pics there is a small, medium or large option (think its on the RHS of the pop-up screen) and also a none, left, centre and right option. Big loves, missing you too much x

  2. I'd figured out that bit, but both photos on this post are using large and centre but the bottom ones are way smaller than the top one! I'm so not IT literate...

    Miss you lots and lots too! Sitting at my desk with a Starbucks and makes me think of you! Hope you're having a super time in Singapore though xxx