Friday, 19 March 2010


It finally feels like the cold is behind us and spring is here! Although the bulbs are having a hard time registering that they should probably get a move on and produce flowers... And so the season of planting has suddenly come around and we've not planted a single seed. Not even close - our garden is still a total mess. But that means I get to dream up grand plans of what to do with it! I'm thinking raised beds this year. Yep, they look pretty easy to make... Granted, I haven't picked up a saw in, um, 15 years and I'm hardly the world's best DIY peep but that's obviously not going to stop me! What this space for how I get on. Or alert the local hospitals...

We had a go at gardening last year. As you can see, our efforts weren't rewarded well...
mini carrots
We ate A LOT of courgettes and had a fair amount of success with tomatoes, but root veg appears to hate us and almost everything else was dug up. I hate squirrels. So what to grow? I'd like to try strawberries and we're definitely going to do courgettes and tomatoes again but more ideas welcome!! (easy please!)

Rosy xx


  1. How about beans and peas? They're pretty easy, and good for small spaces as they grow up, not out or along! You might need to share your tomato tricks with me as ours didn't produce anything like what I'd hoped last year.

    Ad yes, curse those squirrels and their little diggy uppy hands (paws?) x

  2. Wish I had a garden to plant seeds in. Love the photo of the lady bug too - lady bugs are so cute ;0)