Thursday, 22 October 2009

Houston, we have a problem...

So... Tiny problem. A very nice person decided to burgle our flat and has stolen my beautiful camera! Amongst a load of other stuff as well which I won't bore you with. I'm feeling a little stranded as we no longer have our home computer or a camera to take pics of yummy food! At least not for a while - we have insurance so finger's crossed that it'll all be sorted at some point...

I'm honestly not sure when I'll be up and running again with blog related antics. I would still absolutely love to post the British Food Fortnight roundup though, so if anyone fancies helping with that and supplying some photos that would be all the more appreciated now!!

What do people think about blogging in the meantime without photos?? I know it's the cardinal rule of food blogging to have photos but I'm just not sure I can hold out until the insurance company gets their act together!

Rosy xx


  1. Blog anyway. Describe the food in words and you can always link us to someone's similar picture!

  2. Oh no! That's really horrible. Glad you have insurance though (I really need to get some!)

    I would blog anyway. In the early days of my blog the photos were infrequent and not that great but it still kept me entertained. There's also a couple of blogs I read that have drawings instead - always an idea! Or you could go with Angela's suggestion and use other people's photos. I'm sure you could find some nice shots on Flickr, especially of ingredients or other "inspirational" type shots rather than ones of the actual food.

    Good luck!

  3. That's terrible! Its so sad that people will do that to another person. I would definitely keep on blogging. Why should you miss out on the fun! Hope everything gets sorted out quickly.

  4. My camera was stolen recently, too, it is no fun! I've been borrowing my mom's until I can get a new one... I like the idea someone had of using photos of ingredients, that could work...

  5. Oh that's terrible! Sorry to hear it. What i would do is little drawings of your food - just quick sketches. Doesn't matter if you're not very good as I think that just makes it quirky!