Thursday, 1 October 2009

Calling for help...

Ok, so my slightly more sporadic posting is in part due to a few busy work weeks, but I also have another slight issue - my photos! The nights have well and truely drawn in recently and my food photos don't look anywhere near as good in artificial light. I'm a bit of a novice anyway and natural light is my friend... What to do? Should I just settle for some slightly orangey photos for the winter months or is there something I can do about it? Any advice gratefully recieved!

Rosy xx


  1. have a nosy round here, there are lots of tips...
    (although your photos always seem to look pretty great!)

  2. I'm keeping an eye on this one as I'm currently facing the same problem! Gutted as I've just gt a brand new dslr and the dark nights are rendering it pointless :(

    Katie xox

  3. I'm curious about this as well... I was just lamenting about how my photos look! I normally take my photos at night since its the only time I'm not running around after kids!! So my photos are normally either blue or orange.

  4. We live in the Pacific Northwest. I love that I can take pictures at 9PM in the summer, but in the winter it gets dark so early! I have trouble with fall and winter photos too. My secret is to save a serving of whatever I'm trying to photograph until the next day, then take the picture when I have nice sunshine. The only problem is when I want a picture of a whole cake or something. Other than that, it works out perfectly. And now everyone knows my secret!

  5. Here's what I do in the winter: I bought light bulbs that are supposed to mimic daytime light (cheap ones - in the lightbulb section in the store, I think they're just called "daylight" or something similar). They are nowhere near as good as natural light but better than the rest of the bulbs in my house. I set up something like this with those bulbs:

    The photos still aren't perfect, but I find that if I edit the white balance a bit I can reduce the blue or orange tint to the photos. I don't have Photoshop - I use the editing software on Flickr and think it does a decent job. I'm by no means a pro but hopefully this helps a bit :)

  6. Easy way is that your camera will have a white ballance setting, change this to one of the rpesets, or using the self setting you can re set it using a white background. Give your brother a call.

  7. this is such a dilemma for foodie blogging. I've been ducking in and out of the rain today to hold my plates up against the wall in the yard. It's only 5.30pm now and pitch black outside. doh...
    You readers have some good tips so thanks for asking the question.
    nic @ nipitinthebud
    ps. shame I missed the deadline for British Food Fortnight - managed to get a pud to Katie though