Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Cow Pie

Something happened whilst we were away on hols - we turned our backs for 2 minutes (well, 2 weeks...) and it's suddenly autumn! After a couple of weeks of 30C+ I can't say I minded being greeted by the crisp breeze and distinct autumnal feel in the air. I was slightly less chuffed by being utterly drenched on my walk home last night, but being curled up on the sofa with JJ afterwards, listening to the rain pattering against the skylight cheered me up no end.

There is one slight disadvantage to the sudden turn in the weather - I have lots of photos of salads to post about, but absolutely no inclination to write about them at all! A warming butternut squash soup or a deep, rich beef stew yes; a crisp marinated courgette salad - not so much. Gosh, it's making me chilly just thinking about it!

Thankfully, I have this beauty to tide me over. I wish I could say I was the creator of such a work of art but alas, no. It was my wonderful Dad. He is a fantastic cook and I always look forward to heading up North to see them, knowing that something delicious will be bubbling away on the stove when we arrive. (JJ loves visiting too but that probably has more to do with tankards of ale).

We visited a couple of weeks ago and, of course, we were not disappointed! This is my Dad's piece de resistance at any picnic - a cold steak and kidney pie. Oh it's good. Just look at that pastry! Mmmm....

Oh yes, come to mamma...

So tasty - perfect whether for a picnic in the summer or the centrepiece for an autumnal feast, although I'm informed that it is best served cold rather than hot. Just for you, dear readers, I have managed to persuade my Dad to part with the much coveted recipe - enjoy!

Rosy xx

Steak and Kidney Pie


2 lb good steak and kidney
2 tbsp seasoned flour
1 small onion
Red wine
Beef stock
Mushrooms (optional)

12 oz plain flour
3 oz lard
3 oz butter
salt & pepper
cold water

1 Trim the meat and cut into moderately large cubes. Toss in seasoned flour. Slice the onion.

2 Place the meat and onion into a casserole, barely cover with red wine/stock mixture, bring to simmer on the hob. Transfer to a slow oven (Gas 2) and cook for 2 hours or until tender, stirring occasionally. Allow to cool well. [Can be done day before]

3 Make up the shortcrust pastry and refrigerate for 20 min. (That's rubbing the fat into the flour and adding cold water until it comes together! My Dad's a bit of a pastry legend. R x)

4 Line a lightly oiled pie dish with just over half of the pastry. Place some sliced mushrooms on bottom of dish if wanted; add cool filling. Cover, pierce and decorate. Brush with beaten egg.

5 Cook for 30 min in a hot (Gas 7) oven or until cooked and golden. Allow to cool.

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