Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A very VERY late Golden Almond Fruitcake

I think I might actually be loosing my marbles!! I was determined to make this week's Sweet Melissa Sundays cake, even though the weekend left me no time to do it. I figured, as I need to cut down slightly on the amount of cake I'm eating (so I can gorge at Christmas, of course!) I'd bake this, pop it in the freezer and it would be perfect for the Church christmas coffee morning in a couple of weeks. So I rushed home from work last night and ploughed on with double the quantity in order to fit in to my big square cake tin rather than a loaf tin. I even remembered the marzipan and carefully laid out whole almonds on top in a neat pattern, rather than just scattering them on as the recipe called for. Out of the oven came a gorgeous, golden cake, filling the house with the warm smells of Christmas (I used allspice instead of cardamom) and I figured I'd snap a few shots of it this morning in the day light.

Then I got up, promptly forgot all about it and whacked it in the freezer before even taking so much as a before shot! So you're going to have to take my word for how lovely this cake looked and maybe I'll get a pic or two of it at the Christmas fair to add to this post!!

For some other gorgeous shots of this cake, have a look over at the other bakers' sites, and many thanks to Karin of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice for such a wonderful pick! She has the recipe up on her site if you fancy a fruit cake that isn't quite as dense as the usual Christmas cake!

I promise I shall have a hunt for said marbles this evening and get some pics up on this blog again soon...

Rosy xx


  1. We're great for keeping up the British late sms posts ;) We can blame it on the time difference. Shhhh!

    I didn't make this one as I've made two Christmas cakes already and I'm a little fruit caked out! Can't wait to see the pretty almond pattern on yours though.

    Katie xox

  2. Oh Rosy I sympathize with the need to freeze during this gorge-fest we call the holiday season..and with losing your marbles...! I didn't get around to this one, so I'm looking forward to any post-defrost photos!! I'm sure the cake will be amazing, your bakes always look yum x

  3. I can't tell you how often this has happened to me. Oh well, there are more sweets to come this season!

  4. Oh Rosy- I lost my marbles a long time ago! Life is more fun without them! Thanks for baking along with me this week and I hope everyone enjoys the cake when they get to eat it.